Thursday, October 20, 2011


I preached last night at Healing Ministries on “what makes you a perspective candidate for a Boaz life” according to the book of Ruth.
1, Was never going back to what you used to do or used be because of tragedy or lost. Even though Ruth had lost her husband she could not go back to the false god she used to served nor to the people she wants belonged to. (Ruth 1:16, 17, “ 16 But Ruth said: "Entreat me not to leave you, Or to turn back from following after you; For wherever you go, I will go; And wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people, And your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, And there will I be buried. The LORD do so to me, and more also, If anything but death parts you and me." Remember, Peter tried to go back to his old trade and found out he couldn’t catch the same kind of fish he wants caught. He had been brought unto a higher place through the training of Jesus Christ of three and half years.

2, She was willing to work and to help the one who mentor her. She could have thought of her own self and married one of the reapers, which would have gotten her out of the poverty and made her a respectable wife and mother. Why should she help an old woman who appeared to have nothing to give her. How many people I have seen in my forty-four years of ministry that have tried to take the short cut to a better life or even to promote their own ministry. In the natural it always looks easer and quicker. But in reality they never go as high or become what they thought they would become with the short cut.. You see the old woman called Naomi was not a loser as she appeared. For first of all even though she lost her husband and two sons, she owned three properties in Bethlehem, where they could live until God gave them the next promotion and where Boaz reign. . But what made her even a better blessing to the unsuspected Ruth was she was a relative to the wealthiest man in town, name Boaz.. And it was their custom for the next of kin to take care and married a widow of one of their own. (Ruth 2:1) So to have a Boaz life one must not take the short cut to their destiny, but rather do what and where God has given you an opportunity to sow. Where God usually put us to sow in most of the time is where you will think is a wasted place or wasted ministry. But you see what God is working on is your character, not your ministry. For that is a done deal because it is not your ministry, but it is the Holy Ghost ministry. By allowing Him to qualified you for the promotion, you will be able to even go higher after that promotion . You will be promoted more than one time in your life as you allow God to train you. What Ruth thought she had submitted herself to of just helping her needed mother-in-law was quite different of what she really had submitted herself to. She had put herself in a place of promotion number one, to become the Queen of Bethlehem and then number two promotion came after that promotion. Which was to be of the lineage of Jesus Christ.

3. Last but not least she was a willing student of the old woman called , Naomi. You can not have the Boaz life if you are not willing to take instruction from an older, wiser and experienced mentor. I have spent my life under great men and great women of God who constantly mentor me. I have allow people who looked like they were nothing nor had anything to give me, but their wisdom and past experience. They had all the experience in their past that I wanted to be in my future. I listen very carefully each time someone thought I worthy to hear their instructions. Then to the best of my ability I did what they instructed me to do. And guess what? It always worked because it had been tested and prove by them. The last time I was instructed by one older mentor was between 1998- 2009.You see this mentor came to one of my meeting in 1998 . When he walk into the service, the Lord told me this was a great man of God, even though I found out later he was not pasturing at that time, he had no money to give me and was not a well man physically. I believed God and he became a dear friend to my husband and myself .He would talk to us about the great church he had in Michigan and how he lost it. He would tells us of the great things he did as well as how he messed up at different times. You can learn from honest people who are willing to share their great wealth of knowledge and experience. . He was the one who encouraged my husband and myself late in our life to return to college to get our Master and Doctorate Degree, which we did. He would give me the courage to do things that I by nature could not have done without his instruction and support. One of the greatest things that happen to me because of his instructions was having me call the president of a college that he knew was going to donate to someone items from their college worth over a million and a half. dollars . By listening to this very wise and older minister, I was the receiver of this donation. You see I am after a Boaz Life.

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